From the Executive Director’s Desk

ED Report August/September 2019




Police Victim Services BC – Alberta Police Based Victim Services Presentation- August 22 2019

The Executive Director attended the recent meeting of the Alberta Police Based Victim Services community members in Calgary on August 22.  APBVSA were interested in learning more about PVSBC as well as information regarding the service delivery model in British Columbia.  Attached is the Power Point utilized during this meeting.”

PVSBC Executive Director’s Report – June/July 2019 – This is the first of regular bimonthly reports designed to inform our membership of the activities of PVSBC, through the work being undertaken principally by the Board of Directors, as the governors of the organization and the Executive Director, implementing and operationalizing the Board’s strategic direction.


Action Plan – 2019 2020 Fiscal Year




PVSBC – Regional Meeting Presentation – The Executive Director has been conducting a series of meetings across our regions consulting with Board members, local service providers, police organizations and other stakeholders through out the summer period.  Attached is the Power Point utilized during these meetings.