From the Executive Director’s Desk

May 7, 2020 Presentation to the Greater Victoria Chiefs of Police 


November Update:

1. PVSBC 2020 Board of Directors
2. November 20 BC Association of Chiefs of Police Meeting
3. Strategic Planning
4. Ending Violence Association of BC Conference

PVSBC 2020 Board of Directors

The Annual General Meeting of PVSBC was held on October 30 at the Justice Institute in New Westminster following the Supporting Survivors Following a Tragic Death education session.

During the meeting, the 2020 Board of Directors was  elected.  The election of the Board Officers, ie. President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer, will take place during the Boards next scheduled meeting on December 12.

November 20 BC Association of Chiefs of Police Meeting

The Executive Director attending the meeting of the BC Association of Chiefs of Police (BCACP) in Victoria on November 20. The BCACP membership includes all RCMP detachments, municipal police department and Department of National Defence police force as well as a number of other public safety organizations through out the Province.

In September, the President of BCACP had extended an invitation to PVSBC to make a presentation to their membership regarding police victim services. Please see the complete Power Point presentation that formed the basis of the presentation.

The key messages delivered included:
– Expressing appreciation for the opportunity to present and engage BCACP membership with the goal of developing a relationship to collaborate on an ongoing basis regarding police victim services,
– An overview of the current status of our organization,
– Our organization’s assessment of the challenges facing many segments of the sector,
– The revitalization of our role in advocating for the police based victim services sector as envisioned through our new DRAFT Strategic Plan, and
– A list of Strategic Considerations for BCACP regarding the areas they could engage on to mutually collaborate with PVSBC as we both move forward with our respective responsibilities supporting various aspects of public safety.

The Executive Director and President, BCACP agreed to connect in the future regarding PVSBC’s ongoing role in actively participating on the Association’s working group related to police victim services.

Strategic Planning

On Tuesday, October 29, the Board  of Directors participated in  a day long facilitated session designed to confirm the groups commitment setting and articulating the strategic direction of the organization through the development of a solid Strategic Plan.

The Board undertook the following key activities during the session:
– Development of forward projecting Mission and Vision Statements.
– Defining Success, including the agreement on 4 key Priority Strategic Goals, with applicable Objectives, 13 in total.
– Setting a 2 year time frame for the completion of the 13 Objectives.
– Determination of Next Steps, including membership communication, sector consultation and completion.

A DRAFT Strategic Plan Placemat is available for information and discussion within members local organizations.

The Board of Directors will be reviewing the “Placemat” and undertaking further refinements as well as deciding on the consultation process, during its Board Meeting on December 12.

The Board welcomes your thoughts and considerations.  Please feel free to connect with your Regional Director or the Executive Director.

Ending Violence Association of BC Conference

The Executive Director will be attending the EVA conference tomorrow, November 28 in Richmond including both the day long sessions as well as the social event.  Look forward to saying hello to any Police Victim Services BC members who are also attending this very worthwhile conference.



ED Report August/September 2019




Police Victim Services BC – Alberta Police Based Victim Services Presentation- August 22 2019

The Executive Director attended the recent meeting of the Alberta Police Based Victim Services community members in Calgary on August 22.  APBVSA were interested in learning more about PVSBC as well as information regarding the service delivery model in British Columbia.  Attached is the Power Point utilized during this meeting.”

PVSBC Executive Director’s Report – June/July 2019 – This is the first of regular bimonthly reports designed to inform our membership of the activities of PVSBC, through the work being undertaken principally by the Board of Directors, as the governors of the organization and the Executive Director, implementing and operationalizing the Board’s strategic direction.


Action Plan – 2019 2020 Fiscal Year




PVSBC – Regional Meeting Presentation – The Executive Director has been conducting a series of meetings across our regions consulting with Board members, local service providers, police organizations and other stakeholders through out the summer period.  Attached is the Power Point utilized during these meetings.