2017 Annual Training Symposium Workshop PowerPoints and Resources

Provincial Police Round Table
Continuum of Care: Victims’ Rights Through the CJS – Police Round Table Victim Advisory Council Presentation
Accredited Facility Dogs in Victim Services & the CJS:
City of Surrey Public Safety Strategy
Video for City of Surrey Public Strategy PPT Tending the Soil Slide

Keynote Sessions:
Canadian Victims Bill of Rights – Keynote PPT Slides
Canadian Victims Bill of Rights – Keynote pdf with speaker notes
Responding to Sudden Death: A Vcitim Support Worker’s Perspective:
Death Notification – Delivery & Impact
Video for Death Notification PPT – Family Told Twice slide 

Workshop Sessions:
1 Community Champions to Prevent Relationship Violence
Community Champions Toolkit
2 Connecting Human Trafficking Victims to the CJS
3 Walk With Me – Embracing the Transgender Community video:
4 What Role VS Can Play in Restorative Justice
7 MADD Canada’s Victim Service Program
8 Supporting Members of Immigrant and Refugee Communities
8 Supporting Members of Immigrant and Refugee Communities pdf with speaker notes
Video: Refugee Pathways to Settlement:
Video: Settlement in Smaller Centres:
9 Canadian Centre for Child Protection Victim Identification and Support Strategy
10 The Evolving Role of Support for Homicide Loss
11 Hate Crimes a Better Understanding
12 VPD Mental Health Collaborative Programs