Legal Remedies for Technology-Facilitated Gender-Based Violence 2-part Training Series

Hosted by Tech Safety Canada, a project of Women’s Shelters Canada, these two one-hour webinars will provide an overview of the legal and non-legal options available to victims/survivors of technology-facilitated gender-based violence. Each webinar will provide an example of a common form of TFGBV, such as the non-consensual distribution of intimate images, extortion, location tracking or harassment, and discuss the various options available in those circumstances, including some of the benefits and barriers of each option.   

This will include information on where to access information about these rights and best practices on the website, as well as other resources. Each webinar will allow participants to engage in a discussion about how to strategically and effectively support their survivors.  

This training series will be in English but offers simultaneous French translation.  Participants should attend both consecutive sessions.   

Part 1: Wednesday November 15th, 2023: 10am-11am PST/ 1pm-2pm EST  

Part 2: Wednesday November 22nd, 2023: 10am-11am PST/ 1pm-2pm EST 

Registration link is for both sessions: