About Us

Crime and traumatic events often happen with no warning. No one can ever be prepared for the impact a criminal or traumatic event will have on them. The sudden nature of these events often leaves victims and survivors feeling confused, overwhelmed, scared, angry, and alone.

In communities across British Columbia police-based victim services professionals are here to help those impacted by criminal or traumatic events navigate the complex criminal legal system and recovery process.

Police Victim Services of British Columbia (PVSBC) is a provincial non-profit association and federally registered charity, dedicated to serving the needs of police-based victim services programs. As the oldest and one of the largest police victim services associations in Canada, PVSBC provides leadership, support, advocacy and training to professionals working in the field of victim services.

Police Victim Services of British Columbia:

  • Acts as a resource to police-based victim services programs
  • Liaises with government ministries on victim issues
  • Develops training, professional development, and resource materials
  • Partners with other criminal justice and community organizations involved with crime prevention and victim services
  • Hosts an annual training symposium
  • Promotes public awareness

Our Mission

We represent and advocate for police-based victim services programs across B.C. to ensure consistent professional services and resources for victims of tragedy, crime and traumatic incidents

Our Purpose

Providing leadership and working collaboratively to enhance services to victims of crime and trauma

Our Vision

All victims of crime and trauma across BC receive compassionate, professional and consistent services


PVSBC operates with funding from the provincial government as well as through donations, corporate sponsorship, training events, and other fundraising activities