Frequently Asked Questions

PVSBC is a non-profit organization that supports police-based victim services programs throughout British Columbia. We support victim services volunteers and staff by liaising with government ministries on victim’s issues, providing network opportunities and specialized training to professionals working in the field. PVSBC does not provide frontline services to victims of crime and trauma. PVSBC will provide contact information for the appropriate police-based victim services program in the community a caller or visitor resides in.
Please see “Victim Services Programs in British Columbia”

If a crime is in progress or if you are in immediate danger, please call 9-1-1.

There are three ways to contact your local police-based victim services program:

  1. Call your local RCMP or Municipal Police Department and ask for victim services
  2. Contact VictimLINK, 1-800-563-0808, for the phone number of a police-based victim services program in your community or closest to your community
  3. Please click here to access PVSBC’s Find a Service directory
No, victim services programs cannot give money to victims. Victim services programs can assist with applications for benefits to assist victims in their recovery under the Crime Victim Assistance Act. Programs may also advise of the options of applying for restitution and/or civil remedies.
Access to police and/or victim service files are governed by provincial and federal privacy laws.