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Crime, tragedy and traumatic events often happen with no warning. Anyone can become a victim of tragedy, crime or trauma. No one can ever be prepared for the impact any of these events may have on them.

Coping with the aftermath of a tragedy, trauma or crime is a very difficult and stressful. Police-based victim services offices across British Columbia provide the emotional support immediately after a crime and through the criminal justice process so victims can regain a sense of well-being.

Police-based victim services programs respond to all types of crime as well as non-criminal, traumatic events such as accidental death.

Ninety-one police-based victim services programs are embedded in RCMP detachments and municipal police departments across British Columbia. PVSBC represents seven geographic areas and 275 police-based victim service professionals.

To locate a police-based victim services program in or near your community, please try our Directory of Polcie-Based Victim Services Programs Search tool.