COVID-19 Fraud Awareness

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, Police Victim Services of BC wants to remind the public to remain vigilant and be on the lookout for ongoing frauds. Fraudsters are creative and want to profit from uncertainties, misinformation and fears.

Protect yourself and be aware of unsolicited callers, texts or emails from individuals claiming:

  • they are from known organizations supporting victims of crime, women fleeing domestic or family violence, crisis organizations, or similar organizations and charities soliciting for donations
  • they are from organizations providing support and shelter for individuals needing to fleeing violent relationships or environments
  • Unsolicited callers claiming they are from government agencies

Trusted resources and advise

Do not be pressured by demanding tactics or threats used by fraudsters.  Before donating to an organization or accepting assistance, do your research to ensure the organization is legitimate.  Organizations that are legitimate will not demand immediate attention and will understand if you need time to make a decision.

The following resources can provide trusted information and verify the legitimacy of unsolicited requests or demands:

To verify the legitimacy of organizations claiming to provide support or housing to individuals feeling abusive relationships or violence

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