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Police Victim Services of British Columbia (PVSBC) is a non-profit association dedicated to serving the needs of police victim services programs. As the oldest and largest police victim services association in Canada, PVSBC provides leadership, support, advocacy and training to professionals working in the field of victim services. We are placing British Columbia at the forefront of victim services.

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(PVSBC) Police Victim Services of British Columbia is a Registered Canadian Charity. Tax receipts will be issued for donations $20.00 and over.
"It happened without warning, nothing could have prepared me for the violation, loss, confusion, questions, and emotion that followed the crime. My police-based victim services workers were with me from the immediate moments after the crime to not only help me understand the investigative and criminal justice process, but to also provide the much needed emotional support during the initial days and weeks following the crime, through the years as the case proceeded through the court process and through to Parole Board hearings many years later. The police-based victim services workers were knowledgeable in current practices, legislation, trauma-informed and culturally sensitive to my needs. I truly feel I would not be here today if it were not for the professional support and knowledge of the police-based victim services workers who supported me through this ordeal."
Victim of violent crime