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On July 28 Karyn French, Board President; Barbara Vincent, Board Member Municipal Police Victim Services Programs and Ian Batey, Executive Director held a conference call with Minister Franworth, Deputy Minister Seiben, Assistant Deputy Minister Anderson and Director Currie.  The purpose of the meeting was to brief the Minister and senior officials on our Strategic Plan, to discuss the key initiatives most directly and immediately affecting the police based victim services sector and to advise the Minister of PVSBC’s intent to formally participate in the Special Committee on Reforming the Police Act.

Attached for your information are the following:

  • Minister Farnworth Meeting Presentation – the presentation focused three topics – the Strategic Plan Placemat, Current Initiatives and Reforming the Police Act.
  • Letter to Minister Farnworth Meeting Follow-up – the letter summarizes the topics discussed, the commitments from the meeting as well as the now scheduled meeting with ADM Anderson to follow up regarding the Comprehensive Provincial Review and moving forward on the other Current Initiatives.
  • Special Committee on Reforming the Police Act Letter – the letter summarizes PVSBC’s intent to actively participate in the review process as well as providing key information to the Special Committee on our Mission and Vision and the role we play in representing the police-based victim services sector.   The Special Committee has now acknowledge our involvement and will soon be communicating information on the next steps in the process.

As referenced above set for PVSBC to meet directly with ADM Anderson and her senior staff to move forward with the Current initiatives, including the Comprehensive Provincial Review, the need for significant improvements to the Occupational Health and Wellness of the sector, development of baseline training and professional development programs and continuing to build on the capacity and sustainability of PVSBC, has been set for September 22.

The Board of Directors and Executive Director remain committed to actively communicating with our members, associates, partners and stakeholders, on an ongoing basis, regarding all of these aspects affecting the sector.

Please enjoy the balance of the summer and some restful time away with your families.

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