Return to Operations – WorkSafe BC Community Services, Residential and Non Residential Protocols

Good afternoon Police Victim Services of BC Members and Associates:

The Province of British Columbia has released additional Information Protocols for employers and employees on how best to plan for operations to return to the worksite, for the Community Social Services Sector, specifically Residential and Non Residential service providers.

This information has been provided directly to police-based victim services service providers and funded agencies by the Ministry of Public Safely and Solicitor General.  The purpose of this communication is to ensure PVSBC members and associates can directly access the links for this information when working directly with their employers or contracted agency as well as police organizations when developing return to operations plans.

In addition to the general information contained in the Go Forward Strategy Checklist, members and associates may find the following links helpful regarding:

Note the Non-Residential Protocol provides specific information for situations where, in the case of police-based victim services, services may also be provided in the spaces of another employer or organization.  This is particularly relevant to our service delivery model.  Police-based victim services workers are in a unique situation as their place of work is often inside or on the same worksite as local police, thereby requiring the police-based victim services function to follow the occupational health and safely requirements of their work location, and simultaneously needing to be aware of the requirements of their contracted agencies, either as an employee or subcontractor.

The police-based victim services sector comprises a mix of independently funded contracted agencies, ranging from various forms of local governments through to not for profit organizations, contracted by the Province of British Columbia to deliver services either as an employer or sub-contractor, to local Municipal, RCMP or DND police departments and/or detachments as well as members of the general public.  The return to operations for the policing function will be covered by either Provincial and/or Federal workplace legislation and regulations for their occupational groups.  Please note, as the process of developing local plans for the return to operations continues in your specific worksite, it is important that pbvs sector workers connect with and conform to the plans of their specific funded contracted agency and police department/detachment.

This message is provided to our Members and Associates as important and timely background information, however it does not constitute operational direction from Police Victim Services of BC.

On behalf of the Board of Directors and staff, please take care, be safe and healthy.

Ian P. Batey
Executive Director
Police Victim Services of BC

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