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Crime, tragedy and traumatic events often happen with no warning. Anyone can become a victim of tragedy, crime or trauma – it can happen to you or someone you love. Family members and those close to victims are also impacted. No part of society is unaffected. No one can ever be prepared for the impact any of these events may have on them.

Coping with the aftermath of a tragedy, trauma or crime is a very difficult and stressful experience and timely support is essential to how well victims cope and recover. Police-based victim services offices across British Columbia provide the emotional support immediately after a crime and through the criminal justice process so victims can regain a sense of well-being.

We can’t stop tragedy from happening but we strive to ensure all victims of crime and traumatic incidents across British Columbia receive professional, compassionate, and consistent support. Police Victim Services of British Columbia (PVSBC) is dedicated to serving the needs of police-based victim services programs across the province. Our police-based victim services professionals are the front-line workers for victims of crime and we support and advocate for them and the services they provide.

To respond effectively police-based victim services professionals must have access to the highest-quality, most relevant research to inform their work. We are dedicated to producing and disseminating victim research as usable, plain language information in the form of tip-sheets, briefs, reference notes, webinars, and podcasts.

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(PVSBC) Police Victim Services of British Columbia is a Registered Canadian Charity. Tax receipts will be issued for donations $20.00 and over.
"It happened without warning, nothing could have prepared me for the violation, loss, confusion, questions, and emotion that followed the crime. My police-based victim services workers were with me from the immediate moments after the crime to not only help me understand the investigative and criminal justice process, but to also provide the much needed emotional support during the initial days and weeks following the crime, through the years as the case proceeded through the court process and through to Parole Board hearings many years later. The police-based victim services workers were knowledgeable in current practices, legislation, trauma-informed and culturally sensitive to my needs. I truly feel I would not be here today if it were not for the professional support and knowledge of the police-based victim services workers who supported me through this ordeal."
Victim of violent crime