Trauma-Informed Practice Foundations Course

As a member of the justice, public safety, and anti-violence community (JPSAV) sectors, you interact with victims/survivors in what may be among the most difficult and vulnerable moments of their lives.

To support you in that work, a foundational, cross-sector online and in-person trauma-informed practice curriculum for JPSAV sectors has been developed.

The curriculum is intended to provide an introduction to TIP and help you better support victims/survivors as they move through the justice system as well as increase awareness of the ongoing impacts of this work on your own well-being.

The cross-sector TIP Foundations Curriculum is comprised of two components: a self-directed, continuous intake, online course comprised of six cross-sector modules and one sector-specific module; and a one-day facilitated in-person course.

How to Register

You may register into the online and in-person TIP Foundations courses at any time.

Online TIP Foundations has a continuous intake registration facilitated through Canadian Police Knowledge Network (CPKN) at  

For online course registration support:
Phone: 1-866-357-CPKN (2756)

In-Person TIP Foundations registration is facilitated through Justice Institute of British Columbia (JIBC) at (course code: COUN-1040)

For the in-person course, please:

  • ensure you have completed the pre-requisite online TIP Foundations course before the date of your scheduled class,
  • register early as classes with low enrolment will be cancelled 1-2 weeks before the scheduled date (click here for course schedule and registration details), and
  • obtain supervisory approval before registering, if applicable.

For in-person course registration support:
Phone: 604-528-5590 or
1-877-528-5591 (toll free)

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